Conference on Mathematics and its Applications - 2014
 November 14 - 17 , 2014, Kuwait

مؤتمر في الرياضيات وتطبيقاتها - ٢٠١٤ 
نوفمبر ١٤ - ١٧ ٫ ٢٠١٤ ٫ الكويت 



The Conference on Mathematics and its Applications-2014 (CMA-2014) is broad-based spanning Algebra, Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, and Inverse Problems and Imaging. The aim is to highlight the latest advances in different areas of mathematics and emphasis their applications to other disciplines.

The conference will gather renowned scholars in mathematics from around the world and provide a forum to exchange ideas and discuss research findings, as well as to form new inter-disciplinary connections among the participants.





Important Dates

Registration Deadline :

July 3, 2014

Registration has ended 

Abstract Submission Deadline:

July 17, 2014 (Date is Firm)

Abstract Acceptance Notification:

September 11, 2014